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As GCC promotes the Egyptian Business Process Outsourcing, we generate up to 750 career paths opportunities for undergraduates and graduates in Customer Service, Telesales, Telemarketing, Technical Support, Lead Generation, Loyalty Programs, Live Support, Customer Acquisition, Appointment Setting, Retention Programs, and Surveys.  

Integrating our various BPO Solutions with vast industries, such as: Housing, Financial Services, Real Estate, SEO, IPTV, Telecommunication, and more…

GCC agents’ quality is an asset for us and more importantly our clients, we focus and always thrive to maintain an outstanding quality of our employees; hence the thorough training and coaching process that focuses on constructing, developing and continuing to build our employees’ skill and enhance his career path. We understand the Key Performance Indicator to maintain client target, and make it tailor to his business and training materials created by the Training Department for client convenience.