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Global Contact Center (GCC) was founded by business entrepreneurs in the field of import and export for 23 years, dealing with the top call center providers countries, such as India’s market and Philippine’s market, this is when the idea started…

The Founder Mr. Mohamed Aboul Ela established this company in 2011, with an IT engineer who created the whole infrastructure, and a managing Director who has a certification from RCCSP Foundation based in the USA; which is specialized to give call center certifications for many positions, leaving us one of the very few call centers that are RCCSP Certified in Egypt. 

Through investing in the technology field, career driven paths and human resources development, a private owned Egyptian made, top notch world class contact center quality was created.

Global Contact Center (GCC) is a fast growing call center in the telecommunication industry in Egypt which was founded in 2011 and a member of the CIT Chamber, serving both International and Local Clients. Taking on the world of telecommunication by delivering high quality services to ensure a reliable and a credible workflow that satisfies the clients’ needs, and create a sustainable loyal business relationship.

We offer an innovative technological infrastructure, and exploit Egypt’s fluent multi-lingual pool. As well as the aptitude to operate on the world time zone; providing a prodigious service level that guarantees the return on investment for all our clients.


Innovative technologies solutions, world class quality standards in the core of BPO, maintaining and building trust by sustaining loyal business relationships. With a rapid return of their investment and exceeding customer expectations.


According to our vision of sustaining the call center industry in Egypt, we aim to develop new BPO with unique and tailored made programs; targeting customer and employee satisfaction.